The rigour of journalism.

Authentic. Human. Credible.

Our journalistic approach ensures that the stories we tell are authentic and credible. We are masters at finding untold stories, applying rigorous research, data insights to simplify and humanize complex global stories.

Our mission is to ‘tell the untold story’ and uncover unexpected and surprising narratives that have the power to captivate and move audiences.

Story mining.

Our story-mining process is built on over 20 years of Journalism experience. We provide the rigor and credibility needed to humanize and authenticate your story. We help translate complex and urgent issues into conscientious, clear and compelling content.

To our partners we are more than storytellers; we are problem solvers. Motivated to identify stories of hope, transformation and opportunity.

We belong in the field. Talking to people. Researching. Writing. Crafting. Campaigning. Inspiring.

Does your brand have a story you don’t know how to tell?

Film production.

Miran works with a global network of filmmakers, offering a diverse perspective on film making. We provide credibility, contacts, local on-the-ground knowledge and in-the-field experience.

We operate in the most challenging environments including some of the world’s most remote locations. Our experience and expertise enable us to deliver high-quality content, no matter the circumstances.

Do you want to hear what we can do for your brand?


We understand that complex stories need to be made accessible to the widest audience and how to define your message and create impact. We provide strategies to distribute your film and its message through various channels including partnerships, paid and earned media and through bespoke digital strategies that amplify the content to reach  your targeted audience.

Our clients say

Miran Media is a true force in global brand storytelling. With their journalistic approach and impressive global reach, they’ve been an instrumental partner in amplifying our social impact mission. Miran Media has proven to be more than just producers; they are storytellers with purpose. Their authentic, visually compelling narratives bridge cultures, engage hearts, and spark meaningful conversation.

Miran elevated our climate change storytelling to a new level in quality and impact. Miran produced three beautiful, authentic, and informative films to engage and transport the viewer into the energy transition story in a new, elegant, and immersive manner that was unlike anything we have done before–and is something we could not have done without Miran.

There is simply no substitute for the journalist’s eye. Miran took that approach to a new level, offering an artistic, thoughtful, and emotionally impactful lens to our story. They provided deep expertise in the region and surrounding global issues to inform the production. Their commitment to finding the right voices and nuance for the story was inspiring.

Authentic human stories that challenge and inspire.